Celebrate the Top Eleven Posts of 2011

When 2011 started, there was a glimmer of what I wanted to do with this blog.  Most important to me was to write about the Business of Family Child Care, there just was not many people out there, shouting the joys of this business.  I was a bit nervous and put off my first posts for almost a month, out of sheer fear.  But, then I just jumped in, started experimenting and was “Wowed!” by the response.  So if you missed some articles never fear, here is the top eleven of 2011.

1.  20 Playdough Recipes.  You can really never have too many playdough recipes.

2.   10 Sensory Play Recipes.  Gloop, mud, glunk, glack or flubber.  Must have recipes for making paper mache to colored rice and noodles.

3. Germs, Germs, Germs… Actives for Toddlers and Preschool.  This article had it’s debut on Squidoo.  I crossed it over added a few items, and now a very nice place to keep all the germ ideas for kids.

4.  Teddy Bear Picnic.  I love Teddy Bears and so do my kids.  I have not had one of these in a while, I think I will plan it for our first snowy week indoors.

5.  Sensory Play! It’s okay…We can Wash our Hands.

6.  A List of Skills Children Learn in a Family Child Care.  Have you been looking for a list to add to your interviews with parents.  Here it is a great list of skills, that children learn right in your home.

7.  First Aid Book, For Your First Aid Kit.  Want some quick references, make your own first aid book for yourself or parents.

8.  Developing Great Curriculum Part I.  You see lots of activities and things to do with the kiddo’s but how do you really put it into a working curriculum.  Start with a great schedule.

9.  Speaking of curriculum.  A must place to stop by and visit.  1-2-3 Learn Curriculum.  A family child care veteran that has developed some awesome curriculum, that will fit in your day and your kids will love it.

10.  Business of Family Child Care… Yes, you need a Website. Part I.  I want to see real family child care business, pop-up on search engines.  Online marketing starts with a good website.

11.  Child Care is NOT a Low Cost Start-Up Home Based Business.  This was a bit of a vent article.  I often think that there are many articles out there that mislead and do not give an exact account of what is really needed to run a successful family child care business.

Have a wonderful and blessed New Year!  I will talking with you soon about two new projects, Green Fish 365 and Kelsey’s Project…

Oh…Additional Reading…My Top Favorite Three!

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