Business of Family Child Care…Yes, you need a website. Part II

Have you chosen your host, domain name, and selected a template?  If not go to Part I and I will walk you through these steps.  Now, let’s decide on what pages and content that you want to add.

Many people get stumped on this part.  I think anywhere from a one page to a six page is effective.  Here are some idea’s for pages.

  • Home Page
  • About Page
  • Curriculum Page
  • Your Program
  • Enrollment  or Fees/Rate
  • Photo Page
  • Links Page
  • Daily/Weekly News Page
  • Parent Page
  • Other

Now that you have decided what pages you want to include on your website.  Let’s talk about the content.  It is important what you put on these pages, you want it clean, informative and easy to navigate. Here are some ideas for topics for each page. I can not write the verbiage for you, but I can give you some helpful hint’s to get you started.

Home Page

1. Your Business Name and all contact information.  I do find that a physical address can also come in handy. E-mail and phone number are also a must.  You want people to contact you.

2.  Brief paragraph or billets on what you offer, this can be anything from , nutritious meals, daily walks and outdoor activities, warm loving home, ages of children, to if you talk only full or part-time children.

3.  A brief welcome paragraph.  Think of this as you opening your door and welcoming someone into your home.  Make it an inviting and informative, you want the person viewing your page to want to learn more about you and your program.

About Page

Your qualifications, years teaching, your associations, your philosophy, your education and training and I always think a little story about you is great for an about page.  It makes you real, and people like to get to know you a bit before they contact.  It is a most precious thing they are entrusting to you, it is okay to get a bit personal on this page.

Curriculum or Program Page

1. These pages can either be joined or used separately.  On a curriculum page you can find: type of activities, special curriculum used such as a religious curriculum or something like Funshine Express, Mother Goose Time or Baby Signs.

2. You might also want to put a daily schedule, this is helpful to for potential clients to see that you have a well thought out program.

Enrollment or Fees/Rate Page

1. On this page you can find everything anyone needs to know about your enrollment process.  This can be the paperwork that is needed for enrollment, and or the process in which you enroll families.

2.  Rates and Fees, you can add your enrollment fees, to the rates and ages of the children that you enroll.  Some, will argue that this information should be given either over the phone or in a personal interview.  I disagree, save your potential client some time.  A website is for information, so give it.

Photo Page

Use this page to give a visual story of what you do.  I think this is a great page to include.  It shows, how your home is set up, the equipment and toys you use, plus it shows how much fun your kids are having.

Links, Daily or Weekly News and Parent Page

These pages, I like to call the fun stuff.  These are for return visitors or current clients.  These pages allow you to become a resource to your families.   Be as creative as you want here.

The pages and content you put on your website you want it to best express your business.  So remember, sometimes less is best.

Business of Family Child Care…Yes you need a Website. Part III.  Part three will end this series, I will talk about some of the more tricky things, posting pictures, links, advertising and blogs.

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