Well, it will be all new articles. I am pretty fond of the fishy theme, so I think that will hang around for a while. I have done some massive moving around on the site. “Wow!” is all I can say. Most of these articles were inspired by events and life of four years ago.  Four years… All of the old articles are now filed under Archives/Old Stuff if you get bored and need something to do or read.  Some of them are good.  Some are not so good.

Much has happened in my family childcare business and my life in that time. I stopped writing because I had come to a crossroads and I had no idea what I had to say, and if I believed what I was saying. Some of my thoughts and philosophies about family childcare were changing and being redirected. What has not changed over the last four years, is my love for the business, the kids, the families, being creative and spending large amounts of time outside. What also has not changed is that so many providers out there are needing and wanting more;

more help (with everything)
more information
more understanding of the regulations
more understanding of child development
more help with parents
more teaching tips
more mentoring and guidance
more, more, more

How do I know this? Being involved with groups: Facebook, Google+ and some oldies but goodies your local, state and national child care organizations. What I hope to accomplish this time around, is an honest and open discussion about many of the topics that are important to the business of family childcare.  To be helpful…this is a tough and rewarding business.



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