My Annual Holiday Dilemma

Every year at this time, I struggle…

Last year I struggled up until a week before Christmas…

My own children got a big kick out saying “Bah Hum Bug, Mom!”

My annual holiday dilemma, is decorating for the holidays. Honestly, it starts a week before Thanksgiving; I mentally go over all the children I care for, their age, activity levels, personality, defiance and overall jubilance for the opening of gifts. Then I make a mental checklist of all my seasonal decorations and…

Well, and that is as far as I have gotten. Why the dragging of the feet, you might ask?

  • Christmas decorations as a whole are not safe. They have sticky, prickly, blinky, sparkly, sharp things that children cannot help but want to explore.
  • Oh and how can you not see pretty, shiny gifts and not understand that you cannot open them. I mean really, that takes years of practice, I know adults that cannot master that challenge.
  • Plus, I wear myself out saying “No!” It really cannot be worded any other way.

I have tried, “Sorry, honey…if you pull on that, it is going to land on your head.” by then it is usually too late.

Or “I know that it is round and looks like a ball, but they are called ornaments, so they stay where they are.”

This does not work on a two-year old ever, “I know you just had your birthday, but these gifts are for other people.”

I could lock up my decorations, but it does not seem right to me. Or maybe, I could decorate with just stuff, we make for the holidays, but that just makes everything look messy and defeats the purpose of home for the holidays. I have a home that I would like to enjoy with my own sparkly, blinky things.

I am considering just putting the gifts under my new Christmas Disco Ball.  It hangs from the ceiling and is sparkly and blinky.  Oh, and the Christmas Disco Ball, is a story I plan to share very soon.  I am just trying to figure out how best to hang it from the ceiling and find the really cool disco music to go with it.  I am thinking some Disco Duck would be awesome.

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