The Secret Lives of my “End Tables?”

There is a couple of pieces  equipment that I use everyday, that if I could no longer use, would make me a bit cranky and would have me saying “Now what I am I going to do?”  These pieces of equipment, which most people call furniture, I call necessary to my working environment are my end tables.  I understand that you may not “get” my affection for my end tables but let me explain how perfect end tables are for a family child care business.

First, there is a very well-kept secret, that if you knew would save you some money.  This secret has to do with the height of an end table.  “Ssh,” it is the same height as kid tables, usually between 19 and 20 inches, and accessorize with a neat little chair you now have kid size furniture.  Now, you have a table that is small, tidy and sturdy that can be used in multiple ways and locations.

This table is nicely used as a sensory table, with bird seed, rice, and beans put into a handy plastic container with lid for easy storage and has used a small wading pool as a catch bin.  This means less sweeping for me.  I do not have a lot of space and have to make sure that everything can be easily put away or used in other locations.  This works perfect in my kitchen.

In the real world this end table holds my coffee and the ottoman my feet as I slowly wake up in the morning.  In my Little Scholar world it is used as a writing-table in my reading area, also the ottoman (another favorite piece of furniture) is used as sitting area for book reading or as a chair for the writing-table.

This next table is a very convertible one that I use in my art corner.  It can be used with the art aisle or without, and when not in use it is pushed right back into the corner out-of-the-way. I also have a nice variation of the end table used in the art area in the science and math area.  I placed it up against the wall so it becomes a one person center.

I did not set out in the beginning thinking that I would continue to use my end tables in my child care setting.  My first thought was “Wow, kid tables cost that much!”, I will use my end table until I can save up.  Now, I prefer them over the kid tables.  My imagination is my only limitation on how I can use them. They are very sturdy and can’t be pushed around or tipped over, they stack nicely when put away, and they are super cheap, especially if people are just giving old ones away.  My next one I am going to paint a candy land like game board on top, it will be put in my manipulative area for games only.  I know that I am not the only one who uses end tables.  Please share how you use yours.

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