Someday’s are just not “FUN!” Happy Provider Appreciation Day!

I started writing this thinking “Wow, I have had a hard day!”  I did not recognize several of my children today, they came in disagreeable, grumpy and so not with the program.  I had a little hint, that it was going to be rough, when it took me almost an hour to clean up after breakfast.  I had to keep putting out little fires. It did not improve with time, by lunch I had full-blown tantrums and scream fits, me standing in the middle with eyes closed, seriously thinking about my choice in occupations.

Now, as I write I want to shout out a great big “Thank You!” to all those providers that have those not fun days. These days are what make you so special.  The fact that tomorrow none of this “not so fun day” will be even in your memory, you will greet all your children and parents with a fresh new smile ready to start an awesome day.  In honor of you that work long hours, putting together an early childhood environment, truly shows your love and dedication to the children of this world.  I know that many will go without a simple thank-you from parents.  But know this, what you do is important, because if they did not have you, they might have to stay home with their own children.  Bless all of you, your wonderful.

Remember this:  A Hundred Years From Now…

…it will not matter what your bank account was, the sort of house you lived in, or the kind or car you drove…

…but the world may be a different because you were important in the life of a child…

Happy Provider Appreciation Day!

2 thoughts on “Someday’s are just not “FUN!” Happy Provider Appreciation Day!

  1. The whole week was like that here, it just kept getting progressively worse. I did some occupation contemplating myself a few times! Happy Provider Appreciation to you too!


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