Where does the Green Fish go from here? perspective on transition and change.

Quite, please I am in transition.  This is what I should have posted at the beginning of April.  I had to stop and take a bit of an inventory of how I felt on some of the changes that have occurred over the last few months, and where my path was heading.  Sometimes, I feel that when our lives start transitioning, and we start to break out of our old cocoon, that we just push forward with worry and very little thought and reflection.  Instead of feeling overwhelmed and unable to move forward because of fear, I allowed myself time to think, so that I could use my new wings and fly higher than ever.  (I know lame butterfly analogy, but true.) Here are my thoughts from the last month.

  • I am so, so tired, I truly wish my daughter would sleep through the night.  She is now two, I haven’t slept well in three years.  I  do realize, I am not alone in this sleep deprivation, epidemic. My solution to this is, call it a good night if I get four hours of sleep in a row.  I figure anything over this, is just bragging, and use the awake hours to do something productive.
  • I will not panic. I have recently downsized back to smaller numbers. I am very good with this decision, I enjoy myself  more, with a smaller group.  It seems to always happen though, when you choose smaller numbers of children, life will happen too a couple of families and you end up being short a child. Which in this case it is not really a bad thing, because I a baby on the way. (Not me personally) Just makes me a little nervous, but nothing a part-time child could not fix.
  • I will boldly believe in my new venture.  I have wanted to teach sign language to parents of infants and toddlers, for a while.  I believe it is great bonding and playing tool, builds wonderful verbal skills and allows parents a glimpse into the minds of their children at an early age.  It has taken me some time to put it all together, but it is finally done.  Yes, I am a bit nervous, you can take a peak at my page here: Baby Signs with Little Scholar. I will also be doing a monthly news letter for preschool teachers and child care providers who, would like to integrate sign language naturally into their lesson plans.
  • I am up for the challenge to make the Green Fish a big blog.  I have really no idea what exactly that means, it seem to be the new “catch phrase”, but it sounds really cool. I will continue to write daily for the Green Fish, about everything Family Child Care, children and more.  I have a new handy, dandy schedule that will allow me to keep writing away.  I have learned, that I love it.
  • I will not forget to be good to myself.  With the bumps, potholes and road under construction which has been my life this last year.  It took “The Teen” to remind me that maybe I needed to do something good for myself.  So, if you have heard of the Insanity Workout, wish me luck.  “The Teen” plans on doing it with me, he said that “maybe I needed an esteem boost”, I think he just might be right.  He will be great in sales one day.
With all this on my mind and more, I needed some clarity and a good path. I think the time spent away in reflection has been very positive for me.  I will happily go skipping into May (well, maybe not skipping I might be to sore), with renewed vigor and joy that the changes in my life are good and are leading to great things.

4 thoughts on “Where does the Green Fish go from here? perspective on transition and change.

  1. Misti, I am impressed with all you get done now – being deprived of sleep. God knows what you could get done once you start getting a full night of sleep. 🙂
    Continue the great job you are doing, and I hope that you soon find that illusive full night of sleep….


  2. Change is hard. 2010 threw me into a tailspin on so many different levels and I felt that I had no control of any of it. Yet, its Spring 2011 and I feel like I got my groove back. No where near where I was, but better in so many ways.
    You will too, By this post, you are taking sure steps (remember – we wobble but we don’t fall down for long) I’m looking forward to reading about your adventure!
    As for lack of sleep, there are so many ideas – I hope you find the one that works for you soon.


  3. I am with you on the sleep deprivation thing, Misti. I pray it gets better. Our boys were both colicky and slept for 15-45 minutes at a time for their first 9 months. Our first slept through the night for the 1st time at 15 months, but he’ll be 5 in a few weeks and has been sleeping through the night almost all the time for only 2 months! He’s been great since, though. Our 2.5-year old started sleeping through the night around 22 months, and 3 nights a week I was lucky to sleep straight. That’s if brother decided to sleep through the night. I’m up with him maybe 2 nights a week. Have you read “Healthy Sleep Habits, Healthy Child” by Dr. Marc Weissbluth? We read it with out first and followed the early bedtimes very well; it probably helped. It’s frustrating when you’re not doing anything “wrong” (like going in for every fuss, letting your child come into your bed all the time, letting them stay up super late, skip nap, etc.) and everyone asks you if you’re doing something wrong.

    I’m so sorry you’re going through this. I pray you and your daughter can get restful sleep. Good luck. Oh, you could have her adjusted by a chiropractor (the C3 vertebrae is notorious for causing sleep problems in adults and children alike) or check for a gluten allergy (our both both had them and they overcame them by about 9 months thanks to good therapy with our chiro)! Take care and thanks for the awesome work you do!


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