Monday’s Review – Plus Give Away: Color it by Numbers

You might be asking why, I am having Monday’s Review on Friday.  It is not that I want to skip the weekend, it is just that I was so excited about the Color it by Numbers review.

I was asked to do a special review by Color it  Numbers.  Which means I get to give something away.  Yes, the Green Fish is running our first contest,      and you get a chance to win, all three coloring books.

Color it by numbers, was developed by a small team of software development professionals specializing in the development of educating and entertaining programs for children.

It is a coloring book that supports the learning of basic computer skills.  It was easy for my two year old to sit on my lap,  as we talked about colors we manipulated the mouse, clicked and painted our pictures.

My three and four year olds had no problems matching numbers and colors as they painted their pictures.  It was easy to understand, click the paint tube when it “puffs” you have your new color.  I could adjust the color tubes, to specific colors to reinforce our color for this week.  I could also make the color by number picture more difficult for my school age kids. If we felt like painting what ever, by no numbers, we could do that also, then clear it and start it again.

If you are looking for a program to start to introduce computer skills into your curriculum this is a great choice.  It is a quality program, that is not overwhelming to the kids.  I have found that with many programs that are directed to kids, there is to much going on  and they have troubles focusing on the task being taught.  This is fun, while also having a good foundation in colors and number reinforcement.  Plus, with the older kids, it was easy for them to get into and get to where they are going without my help.

Test it out yourself, you can color two pages to see how it all works.  Color it by Numbers

So if you are ready, I will tell you how to put your name in for the random drawing that will be done April 17th, 2011.  You will get all three coloring books from Color it by Numbers: Animals, Cars and Princess. The more steps you do, the more chances you have to win.  To enter you have to do at least on of the steps, this is mandatory, you can do more to have more chances to win.

To Enter:  Do one or more of the following.

1. You can go to Little Scholar and The Green Fish and “like” the page.  If you are already a fan, please be sure to mention that in your comment left below.

2. You can go to To Color it By Numbers and “like” this page as well. (Be sure to leave me a comment letting me know you have done so.)

3. Tweet or post on Facebook ” Win Color it by Numbers @ The Green Fish Chronicles (Then leave me a comment with the link of the tweet and or let me know you posted)

4. Follow the Green Fish on Twitter. (Be sure to leave me a comment letting me know you have done so.)

5. If you add a link to the Green Fish Chronicles to your website.  (Leave me a comment with the link to your site where I can see the link.

The give away will end at 10:00 pm (cst) on April 17th, 2010.  The winner will be chosen at random.  Thanks for your support of the Green Fish Chronicles.

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  1. Susan C says:

    I liked the color by number page. Susan


  2. Susan C says:

    I liked the litle green fish.


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