Monday’s Review: Kid Approved Meals

I am going to start this post with a true story.  I was in the kitchen last week talking to my mother.  She noticed that I had gotten new measuring cups.  She ask me “Are these for cooking or are they for playdough, sand or what ever else you dream up.”  I said “Of course they’re NOT for cooking?!”  I am always running out of measuring cups, probably because I use them for other things, so if you do choose to cook in my house.  I hope you have a good eye for measurements.  But, this leads me to the topic of today, menu’s.

I truly struggle in the department, of planning creative inviting meals, for my kids.  It is just not one of my strengths. Trust me, I am not a cook.  Recently, I decided that I wanted  to rotate my menu’s every three months.  Thus, I would never have to think about my menu’s again, and be able to by in bulk and save money by planning ahead.  This was an overwhelming task for me.  I honestly believe I am a contributor to the picky eaters, some of our children have become.  I cannot think outside of chicken nuggets, hamburger helper and corn dogs.

I can not tell you how excited I became when I found “Kid Approved Meals.” (KAM)  It has taken, hours of time and struggle right out of my life.

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Now, I have some criteria when it comes to my breakfast, lunch and snacks.  I want variety, healthy, quick meals that will help develop healthy eaters.  If I never see another corn dog, or box of hamburger helper, I am okay with that.  I found this in KAM.  You get healthy breakfast and lunch menus that are super easy to make.  They also give you a weekly grocery list to shop from.  Now, these menu’s are not exactly set up for the food program.  The only things I have had to add is usually an extra fruit or vegetable.  Not, a big deal for me.  Also, it does not give you the snacks.  This was also not a big deal for me, because I have wanted to add fun, cooking snacks to my curriculum forever, this just meant I could easily add these activities without having to redo a bunch of menu’s.  As bonus material, KAM gives you a little ebook of  kid snack recipes.

I am more than happy with these menus, my kids eat them up.  I am happier, because I feel that I have more nutritional meals, that are quick and easy, with lots of variety. The most work that I had to do was putting them into my Minute Menu, but that is a one time deal, now they are  saved as a pre-planned menus.  All I have to do is pull up the menu and add my snacks.  Happy Me!

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