Monday’s Review: 1-2-3 Learn Curriculum

I found 1-2-3 Learn Curriculum early last week.  The creator is Jean Hayes, she has been doing Family Child Care since 1985 in MN.  She like many of us, struggle with finding a curriculum that fits our mixed age groups, eliminates waste and is cost effective.  She could not find a curriculum that suited her needs, so she made one.  I have had a chance to really dig in deep, to her stuff this weekend.  All I can say, is I love it.

  • Great themes
  • Well put together
  • Includes infant, toddler and preschool activities
  • Books with activities
  • Covers: literacy, language, arts and crafts, science, math and much more.
  • Great printables
  • You can use as you need
  • A great, great price
  • Plus, she is always adding free stuff.

Having used both Mother Goose Time and Funshine Express, I like the way Jean thinks and has put together her curriculum.  She know about family child care and how one day you can have four preschoolers and an infant and the next two toddlers, and three preschoolers. It makes it hard to plan and implement a consistent curriculum.  So do yourself a favor and check out some of Jean’s work.  123 Curriculum Blog or her website at 123 Learn Curriculum. You can also learn more about Jean here on video by Parent Aware talking about the Quality Rating Program that she participated in.

Plus, in support of a special cause all new subscription to 1-2-3 Learn Curriculum from March 16, 2011 – April 15, 2011, 50% will be donated to the Susan G. Komen 3 Day Walk August 19, 2011.  Awesome!

I know as I transition from a purchased and planned curriculum to my own managed and designed curriculum for Little Scholar I will be using 1-2-3 Learn Curriculum.  I  can’t wait for her to design up some more stuff.

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6 thoughts on “Monday’s Review: 1-2-3 Learn Curriculum

  1. I LOVE 1-2-3 Learn Curriculum! Jean is just fantastic, oh-so creative, incredibly helpful, and her curriculum is top-notch! My kids LOVE it and–I must confess–I do, too! She is truly dedicated to helping fellow providers and children; she posts free downloads all the time. I still can’t believe how inexpensive her curriculum is, by far the least expensive out there. I honestly can’t keep up with all the new items she posts…there aren’t enough hours in the day to do all the cool things she makes 🙂 Out of all the curriculums I’ve seen and studied through college, hers is the most interesting, inexpensive, and effective for early childhood!


  2. I ABSOLUTELY love Jean’s curriculum. I have used several others in the past and this is by far the BEST I have come across. The children can’t wait to start preschool when they arrive and the parents have been very happy with what their child is learning and how quickly. Jean is a wonderful person to deal with. If you have any questions she will get back to you right away.


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