Spring, Spring, Spring and more Spring.

Say hello to Spring!  It is finally here, I know that I have waited for Spring since at least November.  So, here is my unit on Spring. Do it for a day or break it down into each segment or repeat as you need. I know that as a Family Child Care Provider it is difficult to find good curriculum easily and cheap. I have found for you quick easy and developmentally appropriate activities, that do well in a mixed age group.   Most everything here I found on the internet and is cheap, cheap, cheap.


Book List

The Cloud Book

Spring (Four Seasons Series)

Spring Is Here (Lois Lenski Books)

Everything Spring (Picture the Seasons)

Splish, Splash, Spring

Spring Things

Folder Game

Numbers in Bloom: Preschool Printables

ABC Game of the Week

Play dough Letter: Give your child some play dough.  Show him how to roll the dough to make long snakes.  Now using the rolled dough, encourage him to create a chosen letter.  If child is unfamiliar with the letter write out the letter and allow them to lay the play dough on top to practice making the letter.  If you need letters you can various sizes of both upper and lower case at Preschool Express.

Color Game

Color Day: Have each day of the week be a specific color day… i.e. Red Day, Blue Day and ask the parents to dress the children in that color.

Color Jump Song

If you’re wearing red then

Jump up and Down,

Jump up and Down,

Jump up and Down,

If you’re wearing red then

Jump up and Down,

Now sit back down.

Finger Plays

Spring Finger Play. Each verse is first sung by the teacher, then by the student.

“First you take the seed and you plant it in the ground.” (Mime taking a seed and planting it in your other hand, balled up in a fist.)

“Next a rain cloud comes and waters all around.” (Keep fist with seed same, use other hand to simulate a rain cloud raining down on seed.)

“Next the sun shines brightly, without a sound.” (Keep fist with seed same, use other hand to shine down by moving fingers over seed.)

“And in just a few days… a flower is found!” (Move fist with seed up through other hand and open like a flower. This is actually the sign for “new” or “flower.”)


Counting shapes on a flower a great activity found from MakingLearingFun.com

Flower Petal Count: On a paper for each of your children, make five yellow flower centers. Number them 1 to 5. Give your children washable ink pads and then have them name the number on each flower center and stamp that many fingerprint “petals” around it. Encourage them to add leaves and stems to their flowers, if they wish. Preschool Express

Sorting Flowers: abcteach.com

Physical/Music and Movement

Spring Song (Tune: Are You Sleeping)

Add scarves for movement as you sing the song, moving slowly or quickly as you repeat the song.

It is spring time

It is spring time

Winter’s gone

Winter’s gone

Summer time is coming

Summer time is coming

It won’t be long

It won’t be long

Puddle Jumping: for this game you can use carpet squares,  cut out large circles shapes from construction paper that are laminated, tape large x’s to the floor, or anything that can be used to jump from one place to another.  If you are feeling adventurous a real puddle will work.

Dramatic Play

Supply your child with plastic gardening tools, hats, gloves, seeds, flower pots, flower packets, artificial flowers and watering cans to pretend to be a gardener. Also a variation on this would be a flower shop, add play money and a cash register.

Science and Sensory

This is also a great fine motor skill and math game.  Get your small, medium and large beads out depending on your age group.  Lets make some bracelets for the water cycles. MakingLearningFun.com

Go a Walk Searching for Spring: What do you see? Are there any sprouts coming up? Flowers blooming? Bugs flying/crawling? Do you hear birds singing? Do you smell the freshness in the air and in the earth? Use all your senses and ask open-ended questions. I guarantee that you and the children will become quite excited as you discover the earth’s awakening when spring is in the air!


Color Garden Mural: Cut a variety of flower shapes out of three or four different colors of construction paper. Also cut pictures of the same colors of flowers out of seed catalogs, if available. Mix up the flowers and place them in a box. Then invite your children to sort the flowers by color and glue them together on a large piece of brown or green paper (all the red flowers together, all the blue flowers together, and so on) to make a color garden. Display the garden mural in your room when the children have finished. Preschool Express

Cupcake Flowers: Take different colored paper muffin or cupcake holders.  You can have the children cut to make pedals or leave whole and paste onto a piece of paper.  Use colored buttons in the center, have green construction paper to cut the stem and leaves.  Now you have a beautiful cupcake garden.

Coffee Filter Butterfly: Take a coffee filter, color with washable markers, spray lightly, all the colors will run together. Now pinch the filter in the middle until it resembles butterfly wings. Place this in a clothespin. Add pipe cleaner antennae and two google eyes. You can paste these to your flower to make an even better cupcake garden.


How does your garden grow: plant a flower garden or vegetable garden with your kids.

Sandbox: put all your spring items into the sandbox, artificial flowers, watering cans, different size pots, play wiggle worms, gardening tools.

Baby Time

Feel the Breeze: Use a toilet paper tube to blow air through onto your baby’s arm or cheek. Talk about how breezy it is.  You can also take them outside and talk about the sensation.  But, this could be a bit overwhelming for them depending on the age.

Sensory Bottles: Put spring items such as colorful pedals from flowers, seeds, dirt and other spring items, into a clear water bottle, so the babies can look but not eat.  Be sure to glue the top on.

Tissue Box Pictures: Take a tissue box, cover it with wrapping paper, tape on various pictures of spring on all four side.  Use contact paper for preservation.  As the baby moves the box around it will find a different picture to look at.


Flower Arranging: use a piece a large sheet of Styrofoam and artificial flowers.  Show your toddlers how they can stick the flowers in and arrange them.  Have a basket handy for if they want to travel with the flowers.

Most of the activities above are quite suitable for your toddlers to take part in.

And Just for Fun:

Spring Coloring Pages

When I finish a theme or unit, all the materials I made I keep in a bankers box, so the next time I do this theme, I have easy access, and the ability to continue to add activities.

More Great Activities:

Cars and Trucks and Things that Go

Teddy Bear Picnic

Sensory Play! Its okay… we can wash our hands.

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