A Call to Action… What should I do?

Over the last month, I have received more than one email or Facebook post, calling me to action.   What action is being requested of me? To call or write my Congressmen or Council Member over an early childhood bill, law or budget.  I can honestly say, that when I started taking to the keyboard and writing my articles for the Green Fish, I had no aspirations to become politically involved. I can still say that I still have no aspirations to become politically involved, but I do feel a responsibility now to all the readers and the families I work with, to ask more questions. So here are some questions that I asked, before I took my action.

Earlier this month, the Head Start Budget cuts were big and very serious.  I did believe that this affected me and my families.  I have more than one family that, uses Parents and Teachers and the services provided in other program in my school district. So, I asked some questions? I found that in my school district, these services are highly regarded and deemed extremely effective. That most will probably stay intact if budget cuts were made and the slack would be picked else where. I know that not all areas will fair as well as my school district.  So, I did my part for this call to action, and wrote a Congressmen.

My next call to action, has to deal more with Kansas, but many States are going through similar changes and you might find yourself with similar questions.   Kansas has had major law changes about child care, and the questions now on the table are how to best carry out these changes.  Most, significantly “Lexi’s Law” would impact the inspections of all child care facilities.  We use to have a registered family child care home that did not require inspection, No More.  Another impact, being that all inspections and complaints will be visible online to potential parents and clients.  This has many a bit more cautious and for good reason.  I do not believe that, most that care for children, find having their inspection results put out online for everyone to see, as being a big deal. I mean one missed Hep A shot, that deals with paperwork, not a problem.  But, a claim filled against you, meant to be destructive and hurtful to your business over a disagreement with a client, is a big deal. I know that there are claims that are filled for good reason, so this is why, this is such a sticky one for many.  I do plan to write my thoughts and feelings about this, and pass it on through the proper channels for the hearings in May.

The next call to action, I just received yesterday.  This one has to deal with my county and our current licensing and inspection agency.  It has come to the  attention of many that, a commission meeting will be held on Monday to vote to cancel the contract for our current agency.  Here were my questions, how does this impact me? This actually impacts me considerably, but I also understand that a new system has to be put in place because of “Lexi’s Law” so I know that inspections are going to happen anyway. I also know that the the county has said that it will not be able to handle the new requirements due to lack of budget and people.  So, something does need to be done.  Does it need to be done at a State level, which is the current proposal.  Probably, many counties are going to find themselves in this same situation of not having the money to handle the new changes.  In this case, I will not be called into action.  I will wait and see.

Many, like to stay in blissful ignorance, which is completely your right.  If you want to be called into action, you have many choices.  You can write, call or do nothing the choice is up to you.  But, always do yourself  the service of asking questions so you know how you really feel about the situation.  By asking these questions you might find, you do not agree with what is being requested of you.  I might not be able to change much, but I feel confident that I know how I feel about the new changes and how they will impact my business.

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