The Best Business Advise I have ever Received.

I have gotten lots of advise over the years.  Some are laughable, but some I took to heart and have made a real difference in the way that I do business.  Over the last week or so, I have caught myself thinking about some of the advise I have received.  So, here is some of the best business advice that I have received and implemented into my program over the years.

  • If you get dressed up, like you are going to go out clubbing,  in the morning to work with children you might be over doing it.
  • It should never take you more time to prepare activities, as it does the children to do the activity. I say unless, you will be using the activity more than once.
  • Work on your paperwork weekly! I am always bad about this, and regret it when I don’t.
  • All fees and payments for children in your care are due in advance.
  • Give yourself a PAID vacation.
  • If a potential client is a pain at the beginning and during the interview process.  They will continue to be a pain, throughout the time you watch their child.
  • Learn to say “No.”
  • Instead of giving a two-week period to see if a child and/or parent will work in your program.  Give a month, sometimes the honeymoon period takes longer.
  • Take a deposit for either paperwork or the first week of care, when you receive your paperwork for enrollment.  This eliminates no show’s and confusion about enrollment.
  • You might be able to work with a child, but not always the parents.  Heed any weird feelings you get during the interview process.
  • It is okay, to collect a deposit to hold a spot.
  • Be cautious of your parents maternity leave and be sure of your own policy.
  • It is okay, to think about an exception to a policy or special request.  You do not have to rush to a decision.
  • I redo my policies and contract yearly.

I know that not all advice fits, everyone or every situation but, it nice to bat advice around every once in a while.  You might be surprised that someone has a solution to a problem you have tried to solve.  Please feel share some of the best advice that you received.  It might help someone else out.

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