Twenty-five Things I have Learned from Family Child Care.

Now, I consider myself fairly educated, and knowledgeable.  As I look back over the ten years of working with young children, I can honestly say, they have taught me a great deal about the world and myself.  Here is a list of what I have learned.

  1. Pea gravel does indeed get stuck up a nose.
  2. Ketchup and Ranch are considered by many a meal.
  3. If you have 5 children in diapers, there will be at least one day a week when they all poop at the same time.
  4. I can only handle 5 “why?” questions in a row.
  5. It takes at least six months for a child to learn that sand taste nasty.
  6. That toys must be beaten until something breaks.
  7. That louder is better.
  8. Two year olds do not understand “walk”, they can only run, save your breath.
  9. Pea gravel also fits nicely into your ear.
  10. That I have one diaper a year that makes me gag, even after all these years.
  11. I will get vomited on at least once a year.
  12. Children are natural creators, if left to their own devises they could create something you don’t appreciate.
  13. Children are an excellent example of the chaos theory.
  14. No matter how many play phones I have, it is never enough.
  15. Yes a magnet wand can be thrown through a glass window
  16. No matter how many times you vacuüm, and sweep an infant will still amaze you with what they have in their mouth.
  17. Yes, a beach ball can break a ceiling light.
  18. Streaking is necessary as a young child.
  19. When children first learn to use toilet paper, it is okay to use the whole roll.
  20. Milk art on the floor, is indeed very pretty.
  21. All paper items must be crumpled and ripped, even if laminated.
  22. If it is stuck on the wall it must be picked or pulled off, even if it is nailed or screwed on.
  23. Anything that has wheels and can be pushed, must be used to run over our friends with.
  24. You will only think that it is cute once, to teach an infant to blow raspberries or zurberts while eating.
  25. It is okay to keep worms and rolly-pollies in our pockets, so we can play with them later.

Please fill free to add to this list, I know that there are so many things to learn from children.  I am positive I will learn twenty-five more in the next ten years.

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4 thoughts on “Twenty-five Things I have Learned from Family Child Care.

  1. “I can only handle 5 “why?” questions in a row.”

    This drives me mad, can’t imagine having to care for many children doing this, one drives me crazy often enough.


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