Monday’s Testimonial: My Resource and Referral Agency

This week I decided my Monday Review is going to be my Monday Testimonial.  I have been working fairly close with my local Resource and Referral Agency (ERC Resource and Referral) for about a year and half now. I have been involved with some quality improvement grants and also participated as a coach for Developing your Family Child Care Business which is run through our local ERC and Chamber.  What made me want to do a special write up, is I had a visit this last week, which always reminds me what wonderful work they do. So, I decided that a great big shout out of thanks needs to be given for all that they do, for the children I care for, for me and my parents.  These are pictures of many of the lovely ladies that work for ERC.  They have come to my house, played with my children, helped me develop as a teacher, work with me through three Family Child Care Environmental Rating Scales(FCCERS-R), kept me on track with my goals and ambitions and left me better than when we started.  They are awesome.

If you are not familiar or do not know how to find your nearest, Resource and Referral Agency you can start with the National Association of National Resource and Referral Agencies (NACCRRA).  Your Resource and Referral Agency can help you, your business and your families, it is well worth the time to develop a relationship with them.

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