Meal Time Signs: Ease Frustration

Communicating with infants and toddlers can sometimes be very frustrating for parents. Over the last decade much research, on the benefits of teaching preverbal babies sign language, has been documented. Why sign language? Studies show that infants and toddlers can gain control of their hands long before they develop the oral motor skills necessary for speech. Sign language allows little ones to express their thoughts without crying or whining – a bonus for both babies and parents. Here are 5 reasons that many parents teach their children signs:

1. Help babies talk sooner and boost spoken vocabulary.

2. Allows babies to direct adults’ attention to what they want to talk about.

3. Cuts frustration.

4. Gives a strong foundation for early literacy.

5. Stimulate intellectual development.

I have discovered over the years of working with children, especially young children, meal time can be frustrating. I have added basic signs and meal times are happy occasions of understanding.  Your child’s developing language skills not quite to where you completely understand what your child wants. Try these simple to learn signs for meal time.


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