Blogging for Family Child Care

Have you thought about starting a blog.  Thinking that it could be a great way to communicate with parents.  Yes, blogging is a great way to set up a resource listing for parents and communicate how you spend your day. It is a new trend that could set you apart from others.

I have played with my Little Scholar Journal, for a couple of years.  I really enjoy it, and I know the information that I share with  my child care parents is important.

I have went through several different stages as I have developed Little Scholar Journal.  I have went from plastering as many pictures as I can take in a week, this did not work for me.  One it took forever to upload all the pictures, plus what if I didn’t take as many pictures one week. My guilt was over whelming.  So, I stopped for a while.   I still have not found a great balance, that is why I am writing this post.  I want a better Little Scholar Journal. I do tell stories with my pictures now and I make movies.

But, my goal is to have a blog that teaches as well as tells a story  Teacher Tom, his blog would be an excellent example of this.  I love his blog, he has a way with his simple pictures and stories that you just get the total picture of what his kids learn.  It is awesome.  I want to tell my stories in a Little Scholar fashion, so that when you see it, you get it, all the learning that can be done in a family child care setting.  So here is the challenge if you choose to join me.  Each Sunday, I will post an idea for the week on Little Scholar and the Green Fish on Facebook. You will have to like Little Scholar and the Green Fish to get the updates.

If you haven’t started a blog, go to one of these three places,,, or  They are all free, if you choose Weebly you can also do a website.  Which I highly recommend.

Next, you need to get some permission.  I have this check-list in my contract, but I am still very careful how I use my media of the children, especially on the Green Fish, yes it is marketing but, I have a much larger audience than at the Little Scholar Journal.  I found this information in Tom Copeland’s Contracts and Policies it starts at the bottom of page 154.  It is a list that covers, just about everything except video.

These are my statements, I use in my contract that concern internet, my website/blog, video and photo’s.

  • Using photos and/or video of your children in my marketing: online or in pamphlets and flyers.
  • Using photos and/or video of your children on my Web site and Blog.

Tom Copeland does suggest, that each item you choose to use under the category permission to share information for media, be initialed by the parent if they are okay with the use.  Some parents are sensitive about this, so do not be surprised if you have some parents that will say no.  Most, want to see what there children do during the day, and if you explain that your blog is private, that access to the photo’s and video are very limited.  Or, that you have no idea how use key words for Search Engine Optimization(SEO) and you will be lucky if the parents can find it. The parents that are on the fence could be more understanding.

Once you have done that, it is time to get started.  Here are my tools.  I will tell you, you can start a blog with very simple tools.  A computer, digital camera, and a simple video camera if you choose.  I use a netbook, cheap digital camera, and a Flip Video Camera.  All very inexpensive media tools. So, happy blogging. If you wish to share your adventures please do so here or at Little Scholar and the Green Fish on Facebook.

Tool I use for Blogging

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