The Green Fish got Big, Then Little Again.

It happens to us all, at some point in our business.  We want to expand, have multiple family child care homes, open a center or preschool.  We want to get BIG. I had this happen, about six months into opening at this place.

I always say that the Green Fish shows up in strange and unusual places.  It is not always a learning moment for my kids.  Sometimes, like this, it is a learning moment for me. I have always wanted to run a group family child care home.  What does that mean, more kids and more adults.  I just knew that this was the way to go for Little Scholar.  It would be great!

If nothing else it was a learning experience. Here is what I learned.

  • Employee taxes suck.
  • My house is to small for that many kids.
  • Kansas does not allow me that many extra children to make running a group home profitable.
  • I was not as good anymore.
  • I was not good at delegation.
  • It was the wrong time.

So, as it happens in our business the lives of the families we work with change, and I again had the opportunity to change with it.  I decide that being a big fish was not what I wanted.  I do not want to be a center or a preschool.  I do not want to lose the family atmosphere that I have with the smaller group. I do not want to pay employee taxes.  Being little has its advantages, that is why I am glad to have went through this little journey, it helped me really define what I am, as a business owner and teacher.


2 thoughts on “The Green Fish got Big, Then Little Again.

  1. I agree 100%. I thought it would be amazing. It was amazingly stressful. For me, it meant I lost the magic that is family child care (for me). Other’s mileage may vary. But it meant more stress, more wear and tear, less energy for each child, and oh my goodness—you are so right about payroll taxes.


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