Am I Competent? To the CDA and Beyond.

I like to think that I am. Competencies, this is what the CDA, NAFCC accreditation, and QRIS call the breakdown of what qualities that are seen in great family child care.  In short here is what you are being graded on.

I started to work on my statements competence for The Child Development Associate (CDA) National Credentialing Program , there are six, no more than 500 word essays for my resource file.  I got to thinking as I looked through the self assessment tool.  I have been through several rating scales done with The Family Child Care Environment Rating Scale-Revised (FCCERS-R), can I make a correlation from these ratings scores to the CDA competencies. So, if I am competent in one can I be confident that I am also competent in the other.

What I am about to do, I do not recommend that you do this at home.  It is likely to cause a severe headache.  I started sifting through the material to find a link or connection that yes indeed, I do not need to start over, their are connections.  “Blah!” two completely different systems using the same stuff.   Which finally brings me to my point.

Why do we have so many rating systems for family child care?  The CDA, FCCERS-R, Accreditation through NAFCC and finally The Quality Rating and Improvement System(QRIS). Since they are all different is there a hierarchy?  So, that I feel in my professional development that I have grown as a teacher and leader, as I mark each one-off my list.  I do not think so, I believe it is a complete reinvention of the wheel, and it will just become a way to add certificates to your wall and accomplishments to the résumé. Since, I am very much about certificates and accomplishments. I will ignore the fact that I am doing the same thing four times, for the same outcome. That yes indeed I am a quality family child care home and I am competent.

For more information also read Should Family Child Care be Rated? and To the CDA and Beyond.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Michelle says:

    It will all come flowing out once you start one thing…it does all fit together, since your practice and your theory will all mesh once you start sorting it out on paper.


  2. Glynis says:

    Take a deep breath. You are a competent person and I am sure you will do well.


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