Spring Marketing…10 Great Ideas!

Today’s list is about getting pro-active on your marketing schedule.  Now, I am a firm believer that marketing should be done on a schedule and something  done monthly.  This marketing list will give you idea’s to help fill any summer spots that you might have coming open.  Marketing should be done, before the spots come open.

  1. Design a yard sign, from vista prints.  Even better go local, this way you can introduce yourself to people who might need your service. Yard signs are reusable and fairly inexpensive.
  2. Buy business cards.  Leave them in unexpected places.  When you go out to dinner, and leave a tip.  When you stop at the convenience store for gas. Set a goal of trying to leave a set amount business cards a week in different places. You will be amazed how these cards travel.
  3. Sponsor a community baseball or soccer team.  Have your name on a shirt is great marketing.
  4. Design May Day baskets with your kids and leave them around the neighborhood with your business card on, or in them.
  5. Make sure the administration for your local schools have your cards.
  6. Have a spring garage sale.  What better way to promote your business than  by having lots of people come by your house. Be sure to have your yard sign out.
  7. Door magnets for your car.
  8. Do a garage sale field trip.  Great way to get new toys and be seen around the neighborhood.
  9. Make friends with other providers in your neighborhood.  Who knows who might send you a referral.
  10. Design a flyer to be passed out at baseball and soccer games.
  11. Plus, a bonus tip… design a t-shirt or sweat shirt that can be worn to all those kid activities that you find yourself at.  It works, people will notice.

Being active in marketing, is important especially with the economy the way it is these days.  There are many that have openings and nobody is calling.  I would rather be getting calls and saying I do not have an opening and being able to help another fill their spot than having a spot and not getting any calls.

2 thoughts on “Spring Marketing…10 Great Ideas!

  1. Each year my daycare participates in Week of the Young Child. I have a “Pancakes for Parents” breakfast, that way the moms and dads can have a week day breakfast with their kiddos. We do an art project and display them at our local bank. AND I put an article, with picture included, of our special breakfast in the local newspaper.


    • Awesome, I love this idea! What a great way to display what you do and keep your name in front of potential clients. Come to think of it, I have a parent that works in a bank. Thanks Debby!


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