Monday’s Review: FunshineExpress

Another great preplanned monthly curriculum.  I have also used this curriculum and love it.  It is different from Mother Goose Time, but still as good.

It was developed by a former family child care provider, so this is helpful for getting the right mix of curriculum for a family child care setting.  Funshine also as an infant and toddler curriculum that is bought quarterly not monthly.  It goes along with the preschool curriculum that is for 2 1/2 to 5 years.

One thing that makes Funshine a wonderful program for family child care providers is the ability to supplement a Christian curriculum.  This is a big selling point for many.Funshine is very much in-line with state standards, and has a really easy assessment tool.  This is important especially if you are new to using assessments with your curriculum.

Funshine has a great choice of add-ons that can be used in your monthly curriculum, the yearly musical CD, felt board activities and more.  They have great sale items on old curriculum books and other various items.  I often go here for specialty stickers.  It is defiantly worth a browse through to see what is on sale.

Funshine Express always gives you more curriculum than I could ever get accomplished in my day, so I defiantly felt I got my money’s worth.

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One thought on “Monday’s Review: FunshineExpress

  1. AMEN! I’ve used Funshine and Mother Goose. They are both good. I really like the graphics in Mother Goose, but still prefer Funshine. At first I thought it was costly, but think about the value of your time in planning such a complete curriculum!


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