What Schedule is Your Paperwork on?

Paperwork, if you run a family child care, you have more paperwork than you know what to do with.  Licensing, food program, curriculum, assessments, contracts, newsletters, menu’s, bookkeeping just to name a few.  How do you keep it all together and not get behind or overwhelmed.  Schedule your paperwork, be proactive instead of reactive.  This will allow you to be on top of it, not under it, and be less likely to miss something.  Here is the schedule that I use.  It helps me keep on track and up on most things.  Yes, I do get behind but with a schedule put in place you don’t have to stress just a little catch-up will be all you need.

Annual Paperwork:

I do my annual contracts, licensing and food program in September of every year.  It coincides with the start of school.  Here is a list of forms that I update annually.

  • All contracts and policies are updated (unless they have enrolled with the last three months) with signatures.
  • New form for contact information.
  • Medical Release Form
  • Food Program Enrollment
  • AQS3 – This is a developmental assessment form that I do for my children in December.  I choose December for this, because for one, September is already full and in December I take off over winter break and this allows the parents to do their part.
  • Licencing paperwork, for my annual renewal. This is usually in March.
  • Taxes and Tax paperwork for your families, you pretty much don’t have a choice on this, it is January.


  • March and September I go over all my licensing paperwork.  I check for physical’s that need updated.  Go over shot records, make sure all updates are filed correctly.
  • I do my quick assessment checklist for all my children.  This is check lists of academic skills, and goals that I am working on with the children.
  • A self safety check list.  I get mine from licensing, you might check your own licensing agency to see if they have something you could use or make one of your own to keep on file.


  • Newsletter.
  • Information of the Parent Bulletin Board.  This, is information that stays the same for the most part.  I just mainly update my decorations for the season.
  • Do an audit on your bookkeeping to make sure it is correct and you have not missed anything.


  • Menu’s for food program.  This is one that I struggle with the most.  I tend to let this one slide.  I don’t love to cook, so I procrastinate a bit. Ideally I would like to move my menu’s to quarterly rotations.  I must put that on my to do list.
  • Paperwork sent off for food program.  This is the first of the month.
  • Curriculum – I plan out my months themes activities and supply list.
  • Bulk groceries list, and cleaning supply list.
  • Monthly pay receipts for parents.


  • Shopping List.
  • Make curriculum items.  I work one week ahead, I only do one week ahead, because I am known to change my mind on an activity.
  • Update bookkeeping.  I usually do all my receipts for the week on Sunday Afternoon.
  • File all weekly observations on children into their files.
  • Up date website and parent blog.


  • Attendance, needs to be kept even if you have contracted weekly fees.
  • Daily notes, sent home to parents.
  • Daily observations for assessments.

I knew there was a bunch of paperwork, but when you break it down, it makes it easy to manage and doesn’t seem so horrible.  Make yourself a personal calendar that works for you and your business, keep to it and you won’t stress about paperwork anymore. Remember, this is just how I break it down, in order for a schedule to work for you, it must be your own.  I am just giving an example.

Want more paperwork information try: Tell me Again why I should be on the Food Program?

One thought on “What Schedule is Your Paperwork on?

  1. Eugene says:

    I knew there was a lot of paperwork running a child care service but wow. There are so much more than I thought. Breaking them down into a routine schedule should definitely help in keeping track of them. Actually, my company recently helped a daycare convert all forms into electronic versions. We convert paper forms into apps to be used by smartphones, iPads, etc. It greatly reduces time and effort that goes into keeping track of all those forms! check out our blog entry:


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