Monday’s Review: Barefoot Books

I first stumbled upon Barefoot Books almost three years ago.  I was teaching in a preschool, and a couple of the Barefoot Books were in our literacy curriculum for the week.  From the moment I opened the books and read it to my children I was hooked.  The children loved, loved the books, the pictures, stories and everything in-between. I searched the books for a website or something that I might be able to find more like them.  That night I went home and Googled Barefoot Books.  I was completely giddy at finding more books.

Here is my Top Ten List of Why I love Barefoot Books.

1.  I love the art and illustrations.

2. I love the sing-a-longs.

3. I love the cultural diversity of the books.  They have stories from all over the world.

4. Many of the books have received awards and accolades.

5. They care about the environment.

6. They have a gift a book program for the children in Africa.

7. They talk about vegetarianism and yoga at a kids level.

8. The books are for kids of all ages,  including adults.

9. Barefoot Books creates stories, that inspire children to read.

10. Did I say that I love the art and illustrations.

I think by now, you have figured out that I really love these books.  I also want to mention that, Barefoot Books is one of two advertisement links, that I have on my site.  I am very picky about my advertising.  So, stop by and enjoy some books. You can also listen to my favorite sing-a-longs on my side bar.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Kelsey says:

    I was thinking, maybe you should start selling Barefoot Books. I would so be your first customer! 🙂


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