Cars and Trucks and Things that Go

Here is my favorite unit.  Cars and Trucks and Things that Go. Named of course after on of my favorite books.  Do it for a day or make it a week. I have found  you quick easy and developmentally appropriate activities, that do well in a mixed age group.  Most everything here I found on the internet and is cheap and easy.


Book List to take to the library.  Free is always best.

Cars and Trucks and Things that Go.  Richard Scarry

I’m Dirty!  by Kate and Jim McMullan

I Stink! by Kate and Jim McMullan

My Car by Byron Barto

Trucks by Donald Crews

My Truck is Stuck by Kevin Lewis and Daniel Kirk

Wheels on the Bus (Raffi Songs to Read) – Raffi

Folder Game found at Making Learning Fun

ABC Game of the Week:  Highway ABC Cards

Be sure to Google pictures of trucks, cars and other transportation, so you can print the  pictures for the children to talk about and look through.

Color Game of the Week: All Aboard the Color Train. Found at Cut out many “tickets” from different colors of construction paper. Give each child three or four tickets. Tell the children that you are the conductor of a Color Train and they can ride the train if they have a ticket that matches the color you call. Set up chairs or have the children line up to march around the room. Announce “All aboard the Red Train” or the color of your choice. Have the children give you their ticket and have them march around the room. After a minute, announce a new color. Variations: use numbers, letters or shapes instead of colors.

Finger Plays:

Down by the Station

Down by the station

Early in the morning

See the little puffer bellies, All in a row

See the station master

Turn the little handle

Puff, puff, toot, toot, off we go

I’m a Little Airplane – sung to “I’m a Little Teapot.” You can add variations of this by adding truck, car, etc.

I’m a little airplane,

I can fly,

Here’s my throttle,

Give me a try.

When I get all revved up,

I can fly,

Off the runway,

To the sky!

Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Row, row, row your boat,

gently down the stream,

Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,

Life is but a dream.


Number Math Book found at Making Learning Fun

Parking Lot Math: On a table or large piece of poster board, use masking tape to make parking slots.  Make at least 12, get out the dice and 12 small cars.  Instead of dice you can write out the numbers 1-12 on index cards.  Let the children take turns rolling the dice or picking a card.  Then let them park that many cars.  This will be such a success they will play it by themselves.


Pretend to be a truck, race car, bus, airplane, train and any other vehicle that you can think of.

Play the game of red light, green light or to simplify it just plain stop and go.

Dramatic Play

Train Station: Set up a ticket booth, you can cut small rectangle pieces for the tickets or use the colored ones from above.  They don’t need to be anything fancy, they are just going to get crumbled, ripped and eaten.  Add a train whistle, small chairs that can be lined up.  This can also be done as a bus station, or airport.

Mechanic and Repair Shop: Get out the large boxes, I use whatever I can find and they are various shapes and sizes.  These will be your vehicles.  Find your tools and let them do the rest.  You can decorate your boxes by adding circles for wheels if you choose.  I have found that my children have no problem pretending that they are vehicles.

Science and Sensory

Add sand, small cars, and wooden blocks to your sensory table indoors.

Balloon Powered Train/Car: Found at
You will need scissors, tape, a straw and a round balloon. Cut off the lip of the balloon. Cut the straw in half. Stick the straw into the balloon and tape it in place, be sure to make a tight seal. Tape the straw to the top of a car or train so the straw is off the end. blow up the balloon through the straw and seal the balloon by pinching the straw. Set the car down on a smooth surface and let it go.


Car Shapes Craft

This is a simple easy project that is easy for even your two year olds. DLTK

More Art and Crafts Projects to Choose From:  Everything Preschool,


Let’s play in the dirt or in my case the wood chips.  Time to get out the big trucks: dump trucks, tractors and anything big.  You can make some roads ahead of time for your youngsters, then let them have at it.


Johnny and His Tractor Pals

Transportation Puzzles

Baby Time

When you have babies in your group, include them as much as possible in your activities.  I put the pictures of the transportation at eye level and on equipment that they can look at.  I read them books as a group and individually.  I get out my age appropriate vehicles so they can play and explore with them.  We talk about what sound does a car make, truck and etc.  This one is fun, because the other kids love to help with it.


All the activities I do above, I include my toddlers.  I usually break down my group into smaller activity centers, that way I can work more one to one with my toddlers.

Just For Fun Coloring Pages


When I finish a theme or unit, all the materials I made I keep in a bankers box, so the next time I do this theme, I have easy access, and the ability to continue to add activities.

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