The Art of Sharing: Your House

When we first start our business, the excitement over-rides our common sense and we have no-doubt that we will get use to all the kid stuff.  But, we don’t think about all the things that we must share.  After we have been in the business for a while, we find creative ways to share our space.  Some completely remove the child care to a separate room or space. Others, find ways to use storage, closets and more hide and keep the excess kid stuff.

Back Entry

This is a large area of shared space.  We have to go in and out right? It might not be pretty, but it is very functional.

  • Hooks for coat, shoes and backpacks.
  • Parent Bulletin Board
  • Plastic drawers for children to stow personal stuff, and more supplies.
  • Tables are stored here along with all my sensory boxes.


For awhile, I didn’t really.  I used all disposable paper-ware for eating and drinking.  This becomes very expensive, convenient, but expensive.

  • I  use color coordinated cups and plates.  I simply store in a basket that is easily put away in my cabinet.
  • I use the nice soft fabric boxes above my cabinets for extra storage of baby things.
  • I did add an extra refrigerator in the garage. It is hard to find space for, 4 gallons of milk and the extra frozen stuff.
  • Art and supplies are also stored here.

Dinning Room

I share my dinning room, but we don’t eat in here, I have carpet as flooring.

  • The computer is shared.
  • The big soft comfy chair, that is not only for lounging and talking with whom ever is using the computer, it is also used in the reading area.
  • My manipulative’s are also stored in this area.  I have a small cubical shelf with more fabric drawers (I love these things) and a bottom shelves in a china cabinet.
  • Most of our work is on the floor, on a large decorative carpet.  Helps as a space divider.

Living Room

  • I mostly bring in equipment like a jumping mattress and large tumble mat for the use in this space.  It is then nicely tucked away in a closet for storage.
  • The Vacation Chair is here.  This is the space, where you come when you need some space.


Here I don’t even try to hide, or creatively store anything.  I just don’t have the space.

  • I use a roll cart to store extra diapers and supplies.
  • Hang my extra potty seats from the wall.
  • Little plastic shoe boxes for storage of extra clothes and diaper changing things.


  • We hang lots of art here.
  • All our musical instruments are here.  I think they sound best or maybe less noisy.

The playroom is not shared.  It is all kids all the time.  This way I can easily shut the door and be done with my day.  My children’s rooms are not shared.  My room is shared just because it also is where I do and keep my business stuff.  So, everyone does it differently and has a different tolerance level.  I would suggest doing a mental evaluation of what really bugs you seeing out all the time.  Then do a spring cleaning, get rid of stuff you are not using and you might just gain yourself some space for creative storage.    Happy sharing!

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