A Bale of Straw, and the Green Fish?

Let me start by explaining why I have a huge bale of straw.  This last year early winter we gained an outside cat.  My son being very humane decided she would be more comfortable outside with straw  to keep her warm.  I was amazed at how much straw one fluffy little cat could need.  So, there lay the straw, a complete eye-sore for me.  Until today!

I had complained about the straw, for almost three months, and what happens the Green Fish pops up and says “Hey, I have a great idea!”  I have become very interested in natural playscapes recently.  The ground breaking expansion of the play-yard, about to take place in a couple of weeks.  But, I do not want a bunch of brightly colored plastic equipment that needs extra ground cover for safety in this expansion.  I want fun more natural, open space for running, riding and exploring.

So, what happens?  I buy, four more bails of straw and make a straw  jumping pit. I remember as a kid, running and climbing on hay.  I am not going to buy a barn full of hay and straw for that, but this idea has turned out to be perfect.  I have had talks of a picnic and a wrestling match.  Both, will be perfectly acceptable here.  Now, please understand that I am very much aware of how messy straw can be.  I do not have a finely manicured lawn.  I might, have a small part of my yard well tailored someday. I now have a great addition to my expanding playscape.  The kids are having a great time of it, and that is what is important.

Keep up with us as we continue our expansion.  I will have some great ideas for more natural play areas.

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