Business of Family Child Care…Yes, you need a Website. Part III

You have chosen a host, and a design template in Part I, and put all your pages together,  for an instant website in Part II.  Now, you are ready for all the rest, adding images and video, and links.  Plus, what is a blog and why would I want one?

Images and Video

It is a good idea, to find all your pictures you plan to use, and put them in one folder on your desktop.  When you hit the add image icon, it will direct you to browse for the picture that you want to insert.    Having a folder on your desktop is just a time-saving tip, if you are not used to searching through your files.  Many websites will allow you to either upload one picture at a time or a gallery of many pictures.  So, look for both on your tool bar. If you plan to use video, make sure that your video is saved in the correct format, it will recommend you of which format before you upload.  Uploading video is the same as adding an image.  Just, a warning, some of the website hosting uses special sites, such as YouTube, Vodpod, or a handful of others.  If you use these to upload your video, you will need to open an account, and using these sites could compromise the privacy of your video.  Just remember to make your account private.  Using these types of sites, is also useful in storing an extra copy of your media and pictures.  You never know about hard-drives and computers, going out and losing all you media and pictures.


Links, take you to other websites, or places where information lies.  If you plan to use part of your website as a resource or want to share places with your frequent readers you will want to use links or hyper-links.  This icon is often shown as a chain link.  All you need to do is highlight the text that you wish to use as the link.  Then click on the link  icon, you will be prompted to enter the website address or browse for the file.  Then save, this process should have caused the highlight text to now be underlined.  Do, check the link to make sure it goes where it is supposed too.


Websites are usually pretty static, meaning that they only need to be updated occasionally. If you are wanting to update and share more information and stories, more often adding a blog is very easy.  Many of the hosting sites supply their own blog applications, that can be easily added to your website.  But, if the one you chose does not have this ability, you can sign up for a  free blog at Blogger or at WordPress.  Then make a link and direct your parents or frequent readers here.  Blogs are very helpful, as they are easy to upload and keep up.  Blogs have easy to use templates that don’t need many changes, you can start using quickly and have the ability to make private instead of public.

Let your creativity, run wild.  Play with your website a bit as you personalize it, learning all the cool widgets and applications that you can use. You will find a great satisfaction having put it together yourself and saving some money in the process.

If you need a review don’t forget to revisit: Yes, you need a website, Part I and Yes, you need a website Part II.

Need some help or have a question the Green Fish can HELP!

Please share your finished website below.  I would love to visit it and share it with others.

2 thoughts on “Business of Family Child Care…Yes, you need a Website. Part III

    • Victoria, I am always disappointed at the show of family child care providers that don’t have a website. I know that many feel that it is overwhelming. I hope the series helps a few to work through their fears. Plus, when I Google family child care. I want to see family child care businesses, on the front page.


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