“Good Job” is out. Time to Find a new Phrase.

In early childhood education and development, the new way, is not to tell a child “good job.” This phrase and many more that go with it, are meaningless phrases that put children, in a position of trying to please adults instead of emphasizing the learning process.

Okay, I am here to tell you in the mist of a day-to-day family child care.  This is sometimes impossible.  “How is that possible?” you might ask. You are the professional and you have to do everything the experts tell you.  Yes, this would be true in the pretty picture, that little Mary just drew.  In my world I am trying to sooth a crying infant, when little Mary comes up to show me her wonderful picture. As I am about to ask little Mary a question about her picture,  little Ryan trips over his friend and is now crying hysterically in the middle of the floor.  So, instead of a lengthy conversation with little Mary about her work. She get’s a “Oh, that is wonderful Mary!”  as I head to the rescue.  Have I done little Mary some sort of child development horror, that will hamper her to continue on a healthy track.  No, you have to understand how much paper my kids go through.  I will be able to make it up to her.  So, I have complied a list. That allows you some other quick phrases, to use to acknowledge your children when the unexpected comes, and you can’t have a lengthy conversation about the lovely little picture. This list is pretty common so I do not no who the original author is.

* Wow * Way To Go * Super * You’re Special * Outstanding * Excellent * Great * Good * Neat * Well Done * Remarkable * I Knew You Could Do It * I’m Proud Of You * Fantastic * Super Star * Nice Work * Looking Good * You’re On Top Of It * Beautiful * Now You’re Flying * You’re Catching On * Now You’ve Got It * You’re Incredible * Bravo * You’re Fantastic * Hurray For You * You’re On Target * You’re On Your Way * How Nice * How Smart * Good Job * That’s Incredible * Hot Dog * Dynamic * You’re Beautiful * You’re Unique * Nothing Can Stop You Now * Good For You * I like You * You’re A Winner * Remarkable Job * Beautiful Work * Spectacular * You’re Spectacular * You’re A Darling * You’re Precious * Great Discovery * You’ve Discovered The Secret * You Figured It Out * Fantastic Job * Hip, Hip, Hurray * Bingo * Magnificent * Marvelous * Terrific * You’re Important * Phenomenal * You’re Sensational * Super Work * Creative Job * Super Job * Fantastic Job * Exceptional Performance * You’re A Real Trooper * You Are Responsible * You Are Exciting * You Learned It Right * What An Imagination * What A Good Listener * You Are Fun * You’re Growing Up * You Tried Hard * You Care * Beautiful Sharing * Outstanding Performance * You’re A Good Friend * I Trust You * You’re Important * You Mean A lot To Me * You Make Me Happy * You Belong * You’ve Got A Friend * You Make Me Laugh * You Brighten My Day * I Respect You * You Mean The World To Me * That’s Correct * You’re A Joy * You’re A Treasure * You’re Wonderful * You’re Perfect * Awesome * A Plus Job * You’re The Best * A Big Hug * A Big Kiss * I Love You!

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