Monday Review: Mother Goose Time

Are you wanting a preplanned monthly curriculum? Mother Goose Time is an excellent choice, if you are wanting ease of use, amount of  educational material included, and daily activities.

Mother Goose Time has more than 22 years of experience developing Preschool Curriculum. Mother Goose Time curriculum standards  are in line with: National Head Start Association and NAEYC.

The preschool curriculum is for 2 1/2 to 5 years and Mother Goose Time has a supplement for infant and toddlers, for those that have a mixed age group.  Mother Goose Time covers the skill-building areas of:  language, math, science, creative development, social-emotional development, and physical, also covers many sub areas such as character,  and green issues.

Mother Goose Time gives you a wealth of activities and materials.  I found that I needed to spend a few hours prepping the materials for use.  This would be cutting out pieces, laminating those pieces,  and organizing materials how they were going to be used.  I also had more stuff, than I ever covered, which always made me feel as if I wasn’t using the material correctly. I was of course they just give you lots of stuff.  I enjoyed the monthly music, and  practice reading books that each child received.

I truly enjoyed the program and plan to use it again.  I alternate years with my programs, so as not to get to repetitive, since I have children 0 to 5. Although the price can seem fairly high, you do get your money’s worth.  This comes in material sent, and time saved in not having to plan your own curriculum.  Take a look yourself at Mother Goose Time.

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