Outside, Outside, let’s get OUTSIDE!

Saturday’s list is about getting back outside.  Many this week, are going to see a slight break in the weather, that will allow us, to use those large motor muscles again.  I will have to, change my current  “catch phrases”; “Walk! Walk!”, ” Walking Feet Please!”, and “Show me your walking feet!” to “RUN, RUN and RUN!”

Before we head back out next week.  A quick safety check of the equipment and surrounding areas are important.

  1. Check all plastic equipment for any cracks or brittleness that might have occurred due to the extreme cold.
  2. I have wood chips, so a quick raking to make sure they are nice and fluffy will be in order.
  3. Check the area for pooled drainage.  The last thing you are going to want is an unexpected dip in a puddle.
  4. Last but not least pick-up the sticks.  You could have the kids do this, mine can pick up sticks all day long.

Now, I don’t plan to bring back out all of my outdoor play equipment.  First, I live in Kansas and second its February.  So, I know that we are likely to see more cold white stuff.  Here are some great outdoor games and activities to keep them busy while the weather holds.

1. Run until they can run no more.

2. Play chase, tag, or hide and seek.

3. Bird watch.

4. Plant sticks that have streamers attached, to represent flowers. In celebration of an early spring.

5. Sit in a sunny place and absorb sunshine.

6. Play in the sandbox.

7. Have a teddy bear picnic.

8. Check out : 30 Classic Games for Simple Outdoor Play

9. The Great Game List

10. Freedom to play.  Children will always find away, to play!

Enjoy your week.  I know that I am crazy with anticipation of getting some fresh air and playing outside.

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