I see Red, and the Green Fish

Let me start by explaining, that tucked back in a little cubby between a wall and my refrigerator is my art area.  I like it there, it is mostly out of sight and allows for a little table for two.  Which, I am a big believer that great art is created in two’s a super mess is made with anything over that.  So, here is where I spot the Green Fish.


I have struggled for about a week with a young man, in my care. He has continually confused my refrigerator with a drawing canvas.  Now, I am very open to most creative expressions of art, but in this case. I have felt it best not to encourage the graffiti. I am not ready to paint the inside of my house yet. So, after multiple reminders and helpful redirection to the paper, he was finally banned from the markers.  Well, I have heart especially for the art area, and let him try again with a day’s break in-between.

As, I watched from a distance, the marker being placed on the paper in a professional way.  He would glance up at me and smile and continue on with his work.  My attention, distracted for a moment as I checked on another child. I started with one distraction and it led to ten. So, rushing back to check on my budding artist, I called his name as I came toward him.  When he came into few I saw him trip and fall.  I stopped to see how hurt he really was, he is not always very sure-footed and can turn on the  dramatic performance in less than 3 seconds.

As he looked up at me, I had a complete moment of panic.  “What could he have fallen on to have caused him to cut his forehead!? Is he going to need stitches!?” These thoughts and more crossed through my mind, as I reached him.  I then looked at him and said “oh, you’re not hurt. Come with me I want to show you something.”  I took him to the full length mirror, put him in front of it and said “look at your forehead?”  He turned and looked at me and said “paper.”  “Yes, my friend we need to use paper to color on.”

Gotta love that Green Fish. He shows up in the least expected places. I almost had a coronary. Because, I thought he had fallen and busted his head open. When in truth he had, quite nicely in fact, with red marker decorated his forehead.  But, by showing him what he had done with the marker on his forehead instead of immediately cleaning him up, he made his own connection. Markers on paper, Yeah!

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