Goal Setting! On Your Mark and Set a Goal!

Goals, goals, goals and not the kind you kick a ball through.  I mean the ones that  help keep you grounded and allow you to set a plan of forward movement.  Goal setting is used by successful businesses and achievers in all fields.  So, let’s be successful and set some business goals.

I love setting goals, it helps me feel productive and it is measurable.  I like to set big goals, the bigger the better for the personal challenge.  How do I decide on my goals?  I am a day dreamer, have been since I was a child.  I take one of those little dreams and make it a big goal.  This years big goals:

1.  Finish my Child Development Associate (CDA)

2.  Obtain the National Association for Family Child Care Accreditation

3.  Have 2000 visitors a week to the Green Fish Chronicles.

4.  For the Green Fish Chronicles to become a recognized name for information and resources for Family Child Care Providers.

5. To have a great outdoor classroom and learning environment.

6.  To have three months built up for an emergency fund.

7. Pay off all excess debt.

Yes, these are big goals, and since I have written them down and shared with everyone, I am now accountable and have motivation and drive to get the job done.  I also have a plan of action, and will keep everyone posted on my small victories.  I feel that celebrations of the baby steps help keep you focused, and I as much as anyone needs to stay focused.

So, think big and get going.  Only you can do it.  Share your goals with someone and let’s get started together.  If you would like to share you goal for your business,  I will cheer you on along the way. Post here or shoot me an email.

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