Valentine’s Day Extravaganza

Welcome to Saturday’s List.  Why a list, because that seems to be what I run around with on Saturdays as I finish my to do, shopping and errands list.  Easy organization and helpful reminders at your finger tips.  Lists are good. So, let’s have a fun list.

Want a fun-filled day with everything red, pink, hearts and love.  Add some of these activities and crafts to your to get list.

Valentine Handprints Wall Hanging

Happy Valentines day Hand Hearts

A quick easy craft, from Kaboose.  This one is a to do for us on Valentines day.

Valentines Day Bracelets

Stained Glass Valentines Day Cookies

Stained Glass Valentines CookiesThese great cookies can be found on I can Teach My Child.  This is on my favorites blogs to visit.  A teacher and stay at home mom with lots of great ideas and activities.  Also check out her:


Licky Stickers

Can’t Forget the Party Games

More Party Games

Curtain of Hearts

I like this idea from Family fun, it can be adapted by having the children practice making their own hearts all week and continue adding to the curtain.  Or have each child make a string of their own so they can take it home.

Happy Valentine’s Day and have Fun!

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