Business of Family Child Care… Yes, you need a Website. Part I

Do you think you need a website?  I say YES! With more and more potential clients, searching the web for information. Your site is the first chance you have at making a good impression on a potential client, before they make a decision.

With a well-designed, and professional looking website your family child care business can project the image and professionalism that can compete with child care centers and preschools.

Here is part I in helping you develop a great looking website.  No need for you to ask, your ten-year old nephew, because you are computer challenged.  Let’s get started.

1.    Hosting, what is it and why do I need it?  Hosting can be used to refer to the housing of your website.  You have to put it somewhere.  Knowing that you want a website cheap or free is where we will start.  Weebly is my favorite free website host.  What is nice about Weebly is they want your business, they have a section called Weebly for Education that is specifically tailored for teachers and schools.  My second choice is Homestead cheap but, a great site for easy to build websites that let you have a bit more freedom and space than the free websites.

2.   Now, do your consumer duties and become an informed shopper.  I highly suggest you Google free websites and look for some more options.  Any of them work great.

3.  Now that you have made your choice, you need to register or join.  During this registration they will ask you to enter a domain name.  Now, you can either buy a domain name.  This means you will get a name that looks like this, your name with a .com, .net, or .org at the end. They are fairly cheep; go to and research a untaken name or you can get you free subdomains from your host.  This name will look something like this  Your name, then the host company name then a .com at the end.  A bit more lengthy but still very cost-effective.

Tips on choosing your domain name.  Keep it simple, easy to spell and easy to remember.

4.  Now to the part I find the most fun.  Choosing a template and the start of your design.  Creativity rules when choosing your template.  You might have an idea of what you want, but if you do not I suggest you just browse until you find that one design that says, this is it.

Tips on a choosing template.  The template does not have to be all cartoon, and kids.  I have seen some well done websites by family child care businesses that use nature, color and anything in-between.

Websites, are an important tool in showing a potential client what you are about, and your business.  Many overlook this marketing tool, due to believing that it is too hard or expensive.

I am calling all family child care business that have completed your website to post it here.  One its free promotion for you. Two, it will help other get ideas on what they can have in a website.

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Here is my Family Child Care Business Website.  Take a look.

17 thoughts on “Business of Family Child Care… Yes, you need a Website. Part I

    • Hi, Colleen.

      In Weebly, you can add paragraphs so that the words aren’t jumbled together. You can also create new pages so that you have separate sections about you, your program, the schedule, pictures, etc. Having an organized website helps you and prospective clients.


  1. I strongly recommend that daycare providers or child care providers advertise their daycare/ child care facilities online (I mean on other daycare listing websites). One website I will suggest is allows you (the provider)to advertise your daycare on an uncluttered environment. The website does not have distracting ads, which makes it appealing to both daycare providers and parents who are searching for daycare. If you own a daycare consider listing your daycare on


  2. As a Licensed Family Child Care Provider and Web Designer, I wholeheartedly agree that small businesses NEED a website. Thanks for stressing their importance. I actually have a training, “Websites Made Simple” that shows people how to buy a domain, add Google Analytics, and shows how to use the best free web hosts: Weebly, WebNode, Wix, and Shutterfly (in my opinion, especially because of their ease of use and ability to use your own domain).

    Thanks for your wonderful blog and support of Early Childhood Education!!!


    • That’s terrible. I receive very little spam, maybe 10 e-mails a year, from having a website. I do a few things to prevent spam: I have my phone number on a picture banner and my e-mail as a picture link, so spambots and people can’t just scour the internet for phone numbers and e-mails to get mine. I also register my domain (and all of my clients’ domains–I’m a web designer, too) with Domains by Proxy. For less than $10/year, they use their info as the registrant info so that I do not receive spam. By law, domain owner info is public info, so Domains by Proxy (you purchase through your host, such as GoDaddy or BlueHost) is wonderful and easy to use. Go to and you can look up owner info for every domain…and see why Domain Privacy is imperative.

      I’m sorry having a website didn’t work for you, Michelle!


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