Goldbug! Where are You!

This week I have had multiple sightings of the Green Fish. Many of these were me remembering some of  the children I cared for many years ago.  But, I will take the
Green Fish however it comes.  I had to replace one of  my beloved children’s book.   I can not teach a theme on  “Cars and Truck s and Things that Go” with out the book of the same name. I have a bit of history with this book, about 15 years.  The book originally was given to my oldest son for his second birthday. I inherited it, later when he out grew it.  I borrowed it a bit before, he out grew it, for the teaching my cars and truck theme.  So, I have used this book for almost 15 years. “Wow”, long time to have a book.  It was well-loved, many torn pages put back together again, the binding repaired multiple times with clear packing tape.  I am sure that the book was kept together by love and my sheer will.

As I looked through the new book a flood of memories rushed back to me.  More, children than I can even remember have touched this book.  Many, finding different things that really caught their attention.  It was fun reminiscing, about the Pig family and their trip to the beach and a few misadventures along the way. Oh, how many children,  related to Dingo Dog, that terrible driver, or Officer Flossy who chased down Dingo Dog on a Bicycle. We cannot forget the Pencil car, Banana Mobile or Mistress Mouse and her tiny but mighty pink tow truck.  Goldbug, Goldbug I have you embedded into my memory, exactly where you can be found on each page.

This week, I did not sit and read through  Cars and Trucks and Things that Go by Richard Scarry with my kiddo’s.  I just put it out into our literacy area. I wanted to see if this new book had the same power as the old one.  I was amazed at the results of my impromptu experiment. Everyone of my kids picked it up and spent a great deal of time looking through it.  I was even more amazed when some of them brought the book to me, to show me certain things that go.  I am more than excited to introduce Goldbug, to them next week and wait for my Green Fish.  I am certain that it will show up.

I want to give a special thanks to Andrea and Ian, that gave the book to my son A.J.  Great books are worth giving, because they inspire the imagination and the hearts of the children who receive them. Thanks

Richard Scarry’s Cars and Trucks and Things That Go – Get the Book

Also find the Green Fish in: Backed in a Corner…and Using his Words

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