Backed in a Corner…and Using his Words?

Throughout my day I often, think that I should just record some key phrases onto my MP3 and save my voice.

Use your words…

Hands are not for hitting…

Be nice…

These are probably my favorites now, considering I have four little ones between the ages of 20 months and 36 months. If you are rusty on your math, they are all between the ages of two and three, or really close. Yes, I do find myself quite exhausted some days.

This day was special though, it was getting close to time for everyone to go home, after 5:00 pm is often a hard time for many little ones.  They are tired, hungry and ready to go home.  Therefore, it is common for me to have complete meltdowns of one or more children, while we wait for Mom or Dad.  So, finding my Green Fish at this time of day backed into a corner yelling “be nice, be nice” and not hitting in retaliation as he found himself at the mercy of one of his friends, was a pleasant surprise.  I had no time to bask in the glory of this moment; I had to move quick, poor guy was cornered.  I pulled the two apart, sent one away to the vacation chair, and had a heart to heart.  This was a very important moment.  I had talked, and talked all week to him about being nice, and use your words, not your hands. That your friends do not know what you want if you just hit them and at least ten different variations of the same phrase.  Oh, I love that Green Fish. He got a great big hug, and kiss with lots of oozing on how great he was with his words.

I have decided that I will not be using my MP3 player to record some of my favorite phrases.  They do hear me, and it makes my job all the more rewarding.

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One thought on “Backed in a Corner…and Using his Words?

  1. Kelsey Eckhoff says:

    I must say, I enjoy reading your blogs they are always filled with new and interesting ideas. I hope to see and read more posts soon.



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