Everything Dr. Seuss!!

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss.  I must say he is one of my favorite children’s books authors, and person with the most quotable quotes.

Seusville is the official site for everything trademarked Dr. Seuss it is owned and operated by Random House Children’s Books.  Lots of cool stuff to explore in Seusville.

You can find some history of Dr. Seuss on Wikipedia.  You don’t have to travel very far to find quotes from all your favorite Dr. Seuss books.  I love spending time on this page trying to guess which book the quote comes from. Some of the quotes are more famous than the book that it is found in.

Want lesson plans for your favorite Dr. Seuss books, here are some great ones. Here are some more, and more.

The wealth of information out there is enormous, the problem I have is keeping it all in one week.  I plan the week out by the book.  I share the book then we do activities that are linked to the book.  So, however you plan to spend your week, share a few of your favorites with your kids.  Dr. Seuss is the man who made children’s literature what it is today!  So, go celebrate, I think our celebration is going to be in a box, with a fox, in a house with a mouse, or maybe in the rain on a train?

Don’t forget to stop and make a pledge for Read Across America.

Read Across America Day and Dr. Seuss’s birthday on March 2

Can you spare some time on March 2 to celebrate the birthday of the man who brought us the Cat in the Hat?

Read Across America Day is brought to us by the National Education Association (NEA).  Now, in it’s 13th year, Read Across America  celebrates Dr. Seuss’s Birthday with thousands of schools, libraries, community centers, and more participating by bringing together kids, teens, and books, and you can too!

I am challenging all family child care providers to grab your hat and read with the cat and make a pledge.

It is supper easy, and so much fun,

just click this hat and you are almost done.

Fill out some info, that’s easy to do.

Pledge for your kids, because you know you want to.

I am no Dr. Seuss, but here was my pledge.  Here at Little Scholar we will celebrate the week with Dr. Seuss and more.  I have many activities, and books galore.

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss.

Celebrate  with this quick and easy craft project.

The Cat in the Hat.

Why not make a hat.  You will need 1 large piece of white construction paper.  Red paint, for the stripes, and a paper plate.  Use  the  large piece of white construction paper and have students paint, color, or glue on red stripes. Cut “tabs” in the paper by making 1 inch cuts along the bottom and turn the tabs out. Cut the inside out of a paper plate. Roll the striped paper into a cylinder, insert the cylinder into the paper plate and staple the tabs of the cylinder to the paper plate. The plate forms the brim of the hat. Add a chin strap if needed.

Super Fun, especially after reading the Cat in the Hat.